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Live Domme Webcams – Different Types of Domination

Findom live webcam chat shows are getting more and more popular online. While some models believe there is a right or wrong way to dominate their submissive customers. Others find success by providing different styles of shows.

Some of these shows are FinDom (wallet rinsing) and can include humiliation based on small penis, weight, height, career/workplace, fetishes, or general humiliation.

What is Domination?

Basically, domination is the imbalance or asymmetries of power within a relationship. It is generally considered to involve a dominant individual with all but complete control over their subordinate, such as a master with his or her slaves. Several theories of domination focus on the role of social relatedness. With some focusing on how a submissive internalizes norms that legitimize the dominance they experience a family feeling.

While some studies argue that only actual exercise of power can constitute domination. Others argue that domination can occur in relationships in which no such display of power has occurred but which are still shaped by past displays of power. For example, if your boss has fire power over you, even if she never actually uses it. It will make you more likely to obey when she tells you what to do.

There are many different types of Domination shows that can be performed on cam, and many new Doms find themselves confused by the many different ways to dominate a submissive. Some of these include:

Financial Domination, Findom lve webcam chat shows is a growing community of Doms who “drain” or rinse their pay pig submissives, also known as “sucks.” This type of Domination typically involves the use of toys. Also, techniques that are aimed at making money and can be both gentle or very hard.


Domination & FemDom

Live femdom cam shows and its root kink, D/s, are wildly popular in the fetish scene. For many a submissive, this type of play fulfills erotic desires to serve and please. As well as take on a position of power for its own sake. And for dominatrices, it can offer a way to express and develop their feminine strengths.

These findom live webcam chat fetish activities often center around a dungeon or other private space. Where clients (usually male) can engage in BDSM play with a professional Dom or Dominatrix. A dungeon is usually equipped with specialist equipment. Also, can be set up for play sessions via in-person visits, phone or video chats. Some live femdom cam goddesses specialize in certain types of play. In addition, may only perform specific types of sessions, such as small penis humiliation or cum eating instruction.

Some live dommes cam goddesses offer a variety of non-sexual services such as pedicures. Also, back massages, or even “chores” like laundry or car maintenance. This focuses on a more long-term relationship between the two parties, outside of sexual shows. Furthermore, it creates an atmosphere of trust between the live femdom cam goddess and her slave.

For some Live femdom cam , this can be a great alternative to the sex toys and kinks they might otherwise offer. It also allows them to have a more diverse and varied clientele as some people might not be interested in certain sex or kinks.

Domination & FinDom

FinDom is a growing subset of the Dom/sub world. The idea behind it is that some live Domme cam goddess will “drain” or “rinse” their money slaves, also known as pay pigs. A common way this is done is by giving the slaves tasks that involve submitting to their Goddess financially. In one way sending her money for her pleasure or doing humiliating things. Also, like writing something embarrassing on themselves or causing physical pain to themselves.

Some live Domme cam goddesses reward their finsubs for consistent financial tributes. While others are more strict and cruel and deny their slaves immediate gratification. Whatever the case may be, this is a powerful fetish and many people are finding enjoyment in it.

It’s not as easy as some might think, however, and it takes a lot of research. Also, the understanding to truly do FinDom cam shows well. A well known live Domme says that a huge mistake she sees a lot of findommes make is coming into the kink industry. Then attempting to do Findom live webcam chat shows without learning about fetishes and their personalities first.

If you are interested in trying out a Domination or FinDom live webcam chat show, Bdsmcammistress is one of the best sites to choose. They offer private based shows as well as ticket shows. You can even purchase a credits to have access to all the different rooms. Just remember that the core of a live dominatrix cam is a power exchange and submission. So you must always be respectful towards your members.

Domination & Blackmail

Domination is a great way to earn cash, and many cam models will incorporate it into their services. It also makes a great addition to any type of fetish show. Financial Domination is a form of online Domination that involves charging a tribute or up front cash payment before a customer can chat with you. Usually, this money will be used for a service such as a private show or an intimate sex session.

Blackmail Domination is another great way to earn cash on your live dominatrix cam. It involves giving your clients humiliating information about themselves that they can use to blackmail you for more of your attention or sex. This can include their phone number, home address, job, or other personal details. It can also involve humiliating them based on their looks, their performance (stamina or athleticism), fetish interests, and so on.

Many live dominatrix cam models like to offer this type of show because it is a lot more lucrative than regular chatting. However, it is important to have clear boundaries and be aware of your own limits before you do any kind of blackmail domination. This will help you avoid being scammed by people who are just looking for free or cheap sex and don’t actually want to be a sub. Knowing your limits will also reduce the amount of time wasted by people asking you if you do this or that, and it will save you from being annoyed by trolls.

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